Tuesday 19 June 2012

Air Keyboard

Some friends dance around a bedroom.  They all play imaginary air instruments strumming along to the music.

Jack:  (looks at his friends and strikes a OTT rock pose)  Do you like my guitar? It’s a customised gibson Flying V (2008 model) in cherry red.

Nick:  (looks on with awe) Ace man! That will go well with my........Les Paul Bass Guitar. 20 Frets and dot position markers, and check out the colour. (holds his hand aloft) Pitch black with a silver lighting insignia. 

Paul: Well check these out (finger drumming in time to the musical beat) 1965 premier single-bass drum kit.  One of the first played by Keith Moon.  (opens his arms out) Check out the 14” hi-hats”

They all nod in approval.  They turn to their friend who is tapping his fingers on an air keyboard.

Jack: Wow is that a Yamaha?

Ian:  No it’s my Space keyboard.  

Nick: What make is that?

Ian:  It’s my own creation.  Hot off the production line. (proudly shows them) Look at the silver chrome underlay.

Confused the rest of the friends look at each other.

Ian:  One touch of the keys and Venus and Saturn align with each other thereby creating a supergroup planet of musical genius.

Paul:  Who’s ever heard of a space keyboard?

Nick: That’s just ......stupid.  

Jack: For once Ian can you take this seriously.