Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Ironic Eyebrow

Get in on the joke and own your his or hers 'Ironic Eyebrow'. Available now as a cut out and keep. Have hours of fun whilst you watch a bonanza of crude stereotypes paraded on the sitcoms of the 1970s and 1980s**

Misogyny Sexism Xenophobia Racism Homophobia

can be fully appreciated in an "ironic - we're not laughing at them, we're laughing at the situation ha ha' with your ironic eyebrow of choice.

Benefits include: knowing nods and wry laughs as Mr. Humphries minces his famous catchphrase 'I'm Free' in 'Are you being served.'

Tongues in cheeks and student snorts, as Rudolph Walker rolls the whites of his eyes and acts like a savage native, as he frightens the old, honky racist living next door in 'Love thy neighbour'

Chin strokes and postmodern merriment, as a young 1970s dollybird revels in the 'phwoars and 'cors' and groping advances from a man near pensionable age, who still lives at home with his mother in 'On the buses'

Wow!! I bought the lad's mag 'Balls'. I never would have purchased it, but I put on the ironic eyebrow and after looking at the children's tv presenter, pouting in a semi naked position I felt the knowing wink in my eye, and could appreciate her empowerment, independence and great tits.

Mr. Jones-Smith

** product doesn't just apply to the 1970s and 1980s sitcoms. It is also suitable for pantomines, trendy students who wear Motorhead t-shirts, reality tv and British Variety shows featuring: The Krankies, Cannon and Ball nauseum.